Office S5E17

Dwight: Knock, knock.
Michael: Who’s there?
Dwight: The KGB.
Michael: The KGB?
[Dwight slaps Michael]
Dwight: We will ask the questions!

Jim: Ding-dong!
Michael: Who is there?
Jim: KGB.
Michael: Dwight answer!
Dwight: No way it’s the KGB.
Michael: Yes, you going to…
Dwight: You answer…
Jim: Ding-dong, ding-dong…
Dwight: I will not gonna answer…
[Jim slaps Dwight]
Jim: The KGB will wait for no one.
Dwight: It’s true.

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Blake said...

OHHHH, my unsubstantial love for the office!!! Keep it up!