Live Free or Die Hard 4.0 :: Movie Quotes

The Warlock: Why did you bring a cop to my command center?
John McClane: (laughs) It's a basement!

Thomas Gabriel: I can't talk to him, you talk to him. Help him focus.
Lucy McClane: Daddy?
John McClane: Lucy baby?
Lucy McClane: Now there are only five of them.

My fellow Americans it is time to strike fear into the citizenry ask not what your country can do to avert this crisis. The answer is nothing what so ever. Our military strength is in useless. Read my lips. The great confident ruler of the American progress and growth has come to an end. All the vital technology that, that this nation possesses. All communication transportation, connectivity, electrical power, critical utilities, their fate now rests in hands. We will not tire, we will not falter and we won't fail.
Thank you and a Happy Independence Day for everyone!

Matt Farrell: Did you see that?
John McClane: Yes, I did it!

Die Hard 4.0, Live free or Die Hard (Bruce Willis)


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